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iKlip Stand is a tabletop holder that puts your iPad right where you need it. iKlip Stand elevates your iPad or iPad mini (2 different versions), making room for keyboards and other equipment below, and provides a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace when using your iPad at a desk. Originally developed for musicians to place their iPad above music keyboards, mixers, or other studio devices, iKlip Stand also offers a wide range of applications for office, home and school.


* iKlip Stand : Desktop riser stand for iPad 2 & iPad 3rd and 4th Generation

* iKlip Stand MINI : Desktop riser stand for the iPad mini

* Sturdy, robust thermoplastic with metal reinforced base

* Tall enough to fit a keyboard, mixer or other studio device underneath

* Two independent articulations for maximum flexibility

* Adjustable viewing angle

* iPad orientation can switch from portrait to landscape

* Available in 2 versions for iPad and iPad mini