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Humboldt electronics was born in 2015 in Santiago de Chile as the first company producing effects pedals in sustainable, solid, FSC certified, 100% wooden enclosures. In a short time it became the first Chilean brand of effect pedals selling in Japan, the USA and other countries. In late 2019 DSM Noisemaker and Humbolt Electronic, 2 Chilean companies, collaborated and created DSM & Humbolt, and early 2020, the new Simplifier was released and this amazing piece of gear os about to change the way guitar players and bass players use their gear on stage or in studio.

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I'm a huge fan of DSM Humboldt, first because these guys from Chile are tone wizards and also cause they're super nice guys. And with their new release, the SILVER LININGS, they're about to let you enjoy the best Overdrive / Preamp ever built. This superb sounding machine has some unique features...
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DSM & Humboldt have debuted a new DLX variation on their popular Simplifier amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator, packing a sophisticated set of features to flesh out any amp-free setup. The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier is the most powerful compact and affordable zero watts amp solution...
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The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Bass Station is a sleek, stylish amp-in-a-box and cab sim equipped with a host of pure analogue parameters and integral connections. Craft your own unique sound in a hands-on, visceral approach. The Simplifier Bass Station covers a lot of ground, from honky...

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