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Amistar resophonic

Amistar resophonic

AMISTAR is among the very best resophonic guitar brands you can aget today and the quality of the craftmanship, materials and parts is amazing for the price. Forget about a 4K National Tri-Cone and give a try on those amazing instruments.

Frantisek Javurek gets his hands on a pre-war Tricone metal body National to use
as a sample in 1991. It took them most of that year to research
various materials, technologies, moulds, and construction
techniques to perfectly copy this instruments.  Then in December 1991, the first two Tricone
bodies were built, becoming the first on the market since the ending of
the 2nd World War. This created a buzz in the music market and even the New National Co., who made some single cone, wooden bodies at
that time hadn’t produced any Tri-Cone since decades….

Then in 1997 the brand AMISTAR was founded and the production, located in Czech Republic is around 100 to 120 pieces a year. This is a “boutique” guitar brand, with very high end materials, wonderfull eletronic (the Duotone) excellent craftmanship and amazing tone.

Delivery time is usually between 5 to 7 monthes from the order. Some instruments are regularly on stock at Leadmusic.

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CHF 2,890.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
OK guys, so you can't find or afford a 8K value pre World War II National Tri-Cone but would like to get the sound of it ? Here's the instrument you were waiting for. This Square Neck brass body with nickel finish Tri Cone from AMISTAR just sounds as good as it looks....

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