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Jackson is a guitar manufacturer originally owned and operated by Grover Jackson, a partner of Wayne Charvel of Charvel Guitar Repair. It started with the creation of the “Rhoads” V model guitar, originally designed and used by guitarist Randy Rhoads (and then used and promoted by Vinnie Vincent of KISS/Vinnie Vincent Invasion after Rhoads’ accidental death). Grover put his name on the Rhoads rather than the Charvel name because he felt the design was too shocking for Charvel’s regular customers. This model inspired Grover to start the Jackson guitar company.
In the Fall of 2002, Fender Musical Instrument Corporation purchased Jackson/Charvel, and operations were moved to the Fender factory in Corona, CA. Fender is now manufacturing guitars that are almost exactly like the original San Dimas Charvels, save for a few details

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A fantastic looking 6 strings Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6. Misha Mansoor is acclaimed for his masterful guitar work in fashioning the progressive metal of Periphery. Now, the esteemed Djent-leman himself and Jackson have collaborated closely on the Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6, a brand-new seven-st...
CHF 3,290.00 VAT 8% included. Without shipping costs.
An amazing value, this second hand Made in USA Custom SHop Chris Broderick Jackson is in new condition, almost never played (yes, the previous owner had 2 of these...).This shred and modern guitar is a gem and sounds and play like very few others. Also, the quilt maple top on our model is amazing....

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