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The first generation of switchers were soldered and assembled  in
the course of 1999. Even these early models incorporated relays for the
switching function, activated by a discrete logic control. The
following year Lehle developed an innovative housing style with an
integrated button mechanism that set new standards for robustness and
reliability and made it possible to produce larger numbers without
sacrificing quality.

Following the official market launch in 2001, this new generation of
switchers is now available internationally from a selected range of
importers and specialist outlets. Very pleasingly, several well-known
guitarists have heard about the advantages they offer and now use Lehle
switchers on a regular basis.

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CHF 159.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
The Little Lehle is a genuine True-Bypass Looper/Switcher. It can be used to manage an effect-loop, or as a simple A/B box...

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