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Ruokangas Guitars

Ruokangas Guitars

Ruokangas Guitars was founded in 1995 by luthier Juha Ruokangas. Ruokangas is known of their use of not so common tonewood species to their guitars. Juha pioneered in the 90s by starting to offer Spanish Cedar as the body- and neck wood for his Duke guitars. Arctic Birch is another distinct Ruokangas feature, that you don’t see anywhere else. All the wood is carefully selected and dried. The generous 20-year warranty of each and every Ruokangas guitar leaves no open questions about the quality.

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CHF 2,990.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
Here's a very nice guitar made of lightweight finnish alder. This Hellcat Classic has a fixed bridge,...
CHF 3,890.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
We first saw a Mojo King at the Messe in Francfort in april 2012. Grabbed and played it, and loved it right from the start. These guitars are amazing and very versatile. Also, the ergonomic and confort are among the very best you can expect from a Telecaster shape. This Mojo King in solid black rock...
Ask for our offer Regular price: CHF 3,690.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
This 2017 NAMM Mojo Classic is Ruokangas' no-nonsense twang machine, handcrafted of the finest Alder and Rock Maple. This wonderfull Mojo Classic comes with an alder body, maple neck and figured Arctic Birch fretboard. The Häussel Broad pikups, nickel and Gotoh SD91 tuners gives a wonderfull vintag...
Ask for our offer Regular price: CHF 5,490.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
Well, folks, we have to admit that Gibson's Les Paul Special are among our favorite looking guitar. But that Ruokangas Unicorn Supersonic simply beats everything we had until now. This piece of excellent finish craftmanship has a wonderfull looking Bare Bone Amber finish with a fantastic looking A...

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