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Greuter Pedals

Greuter Pedals

Greuter Pedals are
handmade in Switzerland with only high quality components. Made to
last. Every part is selected by hand, matched and calibrated by ear to
produce the best possible sound and response. When I build my pedals I
have always the guitar player in mind. My Goal is to give him a little
helper to express himself. For me as a pedal builder and musician it’s
always important that a guitar pedal feels right and inspires me to play
more, better and explore unreached sonic territories.

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Ask for our offer Regular price: CHF 330.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
The Jumbo Fuzz is an over the top distortion/fuzz, driven by 4 silicon transistor and diodes. It’s based on an italian fuzz pedal from the early 70’s. It produces nice distortions to insane fat fuzz tones. It responses very well to your guitar volume knob. The Saturation knob controls the amount of...
Ask for our offer Regular price: CHF 390.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
The Fuller Drive with Boost is a double Pedal with the Fuller Drive and the Clean Boost. The Fuller Drive is a FET driven overdrive to make your amp sound like a cranked vintage Marshall Plexi. From very low gain (almost clean) to cranked overdrive. A very natural and touch-sensitive overdrive. C...
Ask for our offer Regular price: CHF 250.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
The Greuter Boost is based on the legendary Rangemaster Treble Booster. It boosts treble and makes your guitar sounds dirty with a slight overdrive. The Greuter Boost is no Clean Boost!. Cuts very well in the mix, pushes overtones into feedback. Works very well with cranked small low wattage tube am...

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