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ELIXIR® Strings are only  available in the ultra-thin NANOWEB® Coating. Leadmusic choosed that  patented protection for its stock. The Nanoweb delivers the same sound and feels when playing as regular strings, but a huge extended life, 3 to 5 longer at least !!
Strings are not just strings. They are the connection between you and
your music. When strings go dead, so does the inspiration to play.
After all, who wants to play when strings feel crusty and their sound
is dull and muddy? It’s a curse we lived with for years.

With a vision to change the world one set of strings at a time, we
set out to develop the cure for the common string. Strings that deliver
great tone for a really long time. Strings that stay feeling clean and
smooth. Strings that always inspire you to play.

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CHF 18.00 Regular price: CHF 25.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
Elixir Strings tone last 3-5x longer than ordinary strings and the new Anti Rust allows you plain string to stay oxydation and rust free for monthes...
CHF 20.00 Regular price: CHF 34.50 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
Formerly found exclusively in our electric sets, Anti-Rust plated plain steel strings are now available for our acoustic Elixir nanoweb sets as well. This technology extends the life of plain steel strings by 3-5 times....
CHF 65.00 Regular price: CHF 79.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
Bass players can enjoy the benefit of the amazin Elixir process and success. Your strings will sound new and bright for monthes...
CHF 80.00 Regular price: CHF 99.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
Here's the 5 string bass version of the famous Elixir bass strings....

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