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T-Rex Engineering was founded in 1995 with one goal in mind:
To provide the finest tools possible for professional musicians – essential tools combining easy operation with quality and ingenuity.

Since then T-Rex Engineering has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of equipment for professional guitarists and bass players on the Scandinavian market.

The success of this company relies on our continuous, innovative cooperation with experienced musicians. All of our products are handmade and designed with the special needs of guitarists/bass players in mind.

We take the best from vintage and new technology and incorporate it into products that are suitable for live sit-uations as well as studio work.

Superior tone and exceptional sounds are keywords in our production line. When developing new products we
strive to meet our customer s demands and create tools that inspire them to improve the quality of their work.

4 Products
CHF 150.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
This baby is designed for those who want an in-your-face wall of guitar sound jumping of the speakers. The boost button and the tone knob enable you to dial in every sound you like right from ultra fuzz to smooth jazz sounds. In OFF-mode (with the boost-function bypassed), the Mudhoney delivers m...
CHF 200.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
MØLLER is a classic overdrive pedal that provides a wealth of dynamic overdriven tones with superb tonal control, as well as separate transparent 0-20 db adjustable and switchable clean boost, and a unique overdrive/clean mix option....
CHF 100.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
Warning – high voltage! JuicyLucy is the latest member of our family of FuelTank power supplies. It has 5 isolated 12-volt outputs and a full set of standard and customised power cables. FuelTank JuicyLucy will power every T-Rex pedal you own – and then some more.......
CHF 250.00 Regular price: CHF 329.00 VAT 8.1% included. Without shipping costs.
T-Rex Engineering is pleased to announce a new version of our renowned Dr Swamp distortion.pedal With two Dr Swamps in a single pedal, you can toggle between your favourite Dr Swamp settings to deliver two brands of sweet T-Rex distortion without tweaking any knobs....

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