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Leadmusic, Geneva - Switzerland
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Some links

Olivier Uldry
So you know who’s the guy behind Leadmusic… Pictures, songs, videos… well…
Youtube / Olivieruldry

Oh, do you remember this Myspace ? Some more infos and music…

Leadmusic on Facebook
We couldn’t miss the facebook thing, as this website is a great tool to demo and show all the news we have and receive here at Leadmusic.

The Long John Brothers
Here’s a Bluegrass band I play with, we have fun, we play fast, it’s obviously entertaining and, well, almost as good as what you would listen to in an US Bluegrass festival.
The Long John Brothers

Hemcé Graphisme 
All the graphism from Leadmusic is done by this amazing girl, Hemcé, who is a tremendous singer too….
Hemce / Relax in the Air

Infobahn sa
This webiste is a gem, period, and the guy behind that amazing work is Bertrand from Infobahn. A master !! We miss you dude.

Jan Turnbull
Some great guitar pictures in there ? I had a good teacher in the name of Jan, and he also gave me some of his professional gear for my photo shoot…

Christoph Stadler
Consulting and german translator for this website. and the guy plays and knows a lot about music aswell. And he’s actually designing and manufacturing the best picks on the market !!

Mickael Houdebert
design and graphism at his best and fastest possible. That guy rocks and proveides excellent support.

L’Ironie du Son
Some of the very best musicins around, you really have to check the amazing performances these guys can offer.