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Back in 1980, Patrice Vigier launched a carbon neck bass that really smashed’em all, and the designed and made in France brand actually builts some of the very best and modern instruments you can dream of. The 10/90 system consist of a neck made of 10% carbon and 90% wood and this design reinforce the neck and gives a rich and full sound, since there’s no more holes for the truss rod in the neck.
Many different options are available, such as neck fingerboard, pickups, hardware and colors, so feel free to ask for any further informations.

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CHF 1,990.00 Regular price: CHF 2,390.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
A great opportunity to get one of those amazing Vigier guitar at a very affordable price. The Indus is a great Shred and modern guitar, with its Di Marzio PAF Classic and the amazing Vigier neck...
Ask for our offer Regular price: CHF 2,950.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
An amazing modern bass. The Excess series has been adopted by various players including some of rock and heavy metal’s legendary bassists. Here we have a brand new Excess Roger Glover Signature bass. It’s a very efficient bass, designed for stage performance. The Vigier Excess II Roger Glover...
Ask for our offer Regular price: CHF 3,690.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
The GV is a shred monster with a retro look, and the very lightweight alder body (3,3kilos), super fast and confortable bolt on maple neck and 2 Amber hand wounded humbuckers offers among the best sound and confort in that kind of design. This guitar does everything from classic rock to heavy...

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