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Le Pape Steelguitars

Loïc le Pape is a french motivated guy aware of the painting and varnishing techniques, who knows
about the work of steel, mastering the electric/electronic side. As a
guitarist himself, he became one of the best steel body electric guitar maker of his generation. S ranges of guitars are available, one specific to the retailers and guitar stores and the Custom order serie.

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CHF 1,490.00 VAT 7.7% included. Without shipping costs.
Here we have a one of a kind Custom Steelsquire in a unique Red Engraved finish. Loïc le Pape, a talented french luthier, was kind enough to propose us this unique creation early 2017. As the only guitar he agrees to sell to guitar stores are the LSteel Paul in TV Yellow and Rusty finish. All...

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