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Rickenbacker is an electric guitar manufacturer, notable for putting the world’s first electric guitars into general production in 1932. The company was founded in 1931 as the Ro-Pat-In Corporation (ElectRo-Patent-Instruments) by Adolph Rickenbacher and George Beauchamp in order to sell electric Hawaiian guitars. Nicknamed “frying pans” because of their long necks and circular bodies, the instruments were the first solid-bodied electric guitars, though they were a lap-steel type. They had pickups with a pair of horseshoe magnets that arched over the strings. By the time production ceased in 1939, several thousand “frying pans” had been produced.Rickenbacker continued to specialize in steel guitars well into the 1950s, but with the rock and roll boom they shifted towards producing standard guitars, both acoustic and electric. In 1956, Rickenbacker introduced two instruments with the “neck through body” construction that was to become a standard feature of many of the company’s products, including the Combo 400 guitar, the model 4000 bass, and, later, the 600 series.Rickenbacker guitars and basses continue to be very popular to this day with demand persistently and exponentially outstripping new factory supply.
Demand is particularly high amongst retro groups who have been influenced by the sound and look of the 1960s.

Delivery time is usually around 18 to 24 monthes, so check regularly Leadmusic’s webiste for second hand instruments or new models as we try to stock as many as possible.

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Here is a reference, both by the countless artists who have revered and played this guitar and by the longevity of the model, the Rickenbacker 360 is an icon. Coming from the famous Capri model, created in 1958 by Roger Rossmeisl, the Rickebacker 360 has a semi-hollow double cutaway design. The...

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