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Now available, all Elixir Strings Electric sets include Anti-Rust plated plain steels and the new Optiweb coating. These unique plain steels offer3-5 times longer tone life than ordinary plain steels yet provide the same brilliant tone you’ve come to expect from Elixir Strings.

Elixir® Strings revolutionized guitar strings by finding a way to extend the life of wound stings without compromising tone. Our Anti-Rust plated plain steels complete the long-life set. Now, electric guitarists can enjoy the same advantages as acoustic guitarists—a lifespan three to five times longer than ordinary guitar strings and lasting tone throughout the entire set.


* Have the bright tone and punch of non-coated strings

* Feel like traditional strings

* Last 3 to 5 times longer

Available now in Optiweb with Anti Rust Plated Plain String in the following gauges :


  • 9-46 custom light
  • 10-46 light
  • 10-52 Lite Top Heavy

Special discount for boxes ( 12 sets ) Please inquire for price.