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Well, folks, here’s an amazing piece of bass, right ? This wonderfull instrument has an impressive Figured Claro Walnut top, and since it’s a Elrick, it’s not only a dream to look at, it’s also a dream to play and to hold, as it only weights a bit less than 4 kilos.

The Gold Series include instruments that feature bolt-on neck construction. They are identifiable by their gold leaf emblem. These amazing hand crafted basses feature a “heel-less” body design for exceptional upper register access and an asymmetrical bolt pattern offering exceptional stability.

This bass is hand carved from the finest hardwoods,and has aswamp ash body and has a very confortable neck constructed of quarter-sawn wengé. The swamp ash bodies allows these instruments to stay in an amazing lightweight range, usually around 3.8 to 4 kilos for a 5 strings.

And yes, we can say that the Figured Claro Walnut top catches the attention right away. This amazing piece of wood is beautifull, but not only. It not only produces treble and presence, but also a rich timber and nice basses. And as you can see, the glows, flames and figures of that one are absolutely amazing.


* 35″ scale 5 string

* 24 frets + zero fret

* swamp ash (frêne)

* one piece Figured Claro Walnut Top

* hand rubbed oil finish

* manche quarter-sawn wenge

* touche wenge

* 2-way adjustable truss rod

* Optional Bartolini Soapbar pickups

* Bartolini 3-band preamp with 3-way mid and active bypass with fully shielded control cavity

* Black hardware

* Black Hipshot Ultra-light tuners

* Black Hipshot B-style bridge

* Dunlop Straploks

* Elrick Fundamental strings

* Elrick ABS Hardshell case