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George L’s 155 cables is the thinnest best sounding cable available.
Enjoy the sound of your instrument without the noise and buzz that outside interference can cause. George L’s special anti-stat in the cable reduces the microphonics and allows your music to flow without the problems of hum, buzz, or microphonics while you play. You will always sound your best with George L’s Solderless Plugs and Cable.
Remember, your instrument is only as good as the cables that carry your music to the ears of your fans. High quality is what made us famous and now you too can master the art of superb audio recognition.


Available in these different lenghts :

* 155 cable             (per meter) costs   7.85 Chf

* 155 cable   50 feet Cable roll costs 120.- Chf

* 155 cable 100 feet Cable roll costs 240.- Chf