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The new VS-XO is a whole lot more than your ordinary (or even extraordinary) overdrive pedal – it’s like adding a pair of independent preamps to your rig. Each of the VS-XO’s footswitchable channels provides you with plenty of drive, tone control, and even discrete I/O that you can arrange and stack however you like. If you’re looking for a new way to get amazing guitar tone, the VS-XO is it!

The right channel has pronounced mids without being honky. In addition to Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs, it also has a 3-way Clipping (diodes) switch, a 3-way Bass switch, and a Clean Mix knob. The left channel also has Drive, Tone and Volume knobs, along with a Bass knob, but with flat mids, making it sound very amp-like. The VS-XO is a tone-experimenter’s dream pedal. The sound options are nearly endless.

On top of that, the VS-XO is the first Visual Sound pedal to incorporate True-Bypass, but done our way. Bob Weil invented foot-switches which look traditional, but interact with gold-plated relays, and will last forever. RG Keen invented a circuit to keep them quiet. You also have the choice of internally switching the Pure Tone buffer on or off with each channel.

If you use a switching system or want to change the order of effects, no problem… separate Ins and Outs allow for that. If you just want to plug one cable in and one out normally, you can do that too


Overdrive 1: Typical Drive, Tone (high boost / cut), and Volume knobs, plus

Use the Clean Mix knob to go from 100% Clean boost (minimum setting) to
100% Overdrive (max. setting), or anything in between.

  • Clipping chooses between three different clipping diode voices:

A) No diodes low gain, organic. B) Two LEDs medium gain, bright.
C) Three signal diodes higher gain, smooth asymmetrical clipping.

  • Bass switch chooses between three different bass levels:

A) Slight bass cut. B) Slight bass boost. C) Larger bass boost.
You will find that B sounds almost exactly in the middle of A and C.

Overdrive 2: Typical Drive, Tone (high boost / cut)*, and Volume knobs, plus

Use the Bass knob to go from bass cut (minimum setting) to bass boost (max.
setting), or anything in between.

* The Tone knob is slightly different than a typical overdrive tone control in that it
boosts gain slightly as it boosts highs when turned toward maximum.

Internal Buffer On/Off: If you open the pedal, you will see a slide switch for each overdrive
which allows you to turn on/off the Pure Tone buffer circuit. We recommend that you leave the
first channel buffer on. However, if you want pure true bypass switching, you may turn both
switches off.


  • – 9VDC / 56 mA minimum
  • – size 13 cm (B) x 11,3 cm (T) x 5,2 cm (H) (incl Jack & controls)