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Here are the best jack cable in the world. As a result of bothingenious construction and the purity of its raw materials VOVOX®sonorus protect A offers unmatched sound quality. This is the perfectcable for all electrically amplified musical instruments such aselectrical guitar, bass, E-piano or keyboards. Also great for acousticinstruments with pickup systems or as a patch cable.

The Sonorus is sonicaly brighter and more balanced, full and thicksounding than the Link A or any other cable from the market. This cableis the very best for Clean tones, acoustic guitar or instrument tonesand for Studio applications.

3 meter version with straight cable plugs


– Solid core conductors for signal and ground

– Conductors made of the purest available copper

– Netting of natural fibres around every single conductor wire

– Capacitance of 75 pF/m only

– VOVOX-typical cable construction with screen and separate conductor for ground