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The Kraken has morphed into an even more powerful beast via 100 massive watts of EL34 power. You still get the Brit-inspired Gain I channel. You still get the colossal smack of Gain II’s US grind… but now there’s a whole new footswitchable clean mode, plus a footswitchable Preamp Focus function to add a little juice and cut to any and all modes. There’s also a preset Bass Focus option in the power section, footswitchable FX loop, assignable/ footswitchable dual master volumes… plus a useful 30-watt low-power mode for when you don’t need to blow the roof off. And, of course, MIDI switching capability.

VX100’s clean mode is entirely new, allowing sparkling clean tones with superb headroom. Footswitch to crunch mode, and you’re rocking hot-rodded British gain tones. Switch in the Preamp Focus to boost, tighten and punch through.

The Gain II channel picks up from where Gain I leaves off. There’s extra overdrive as you’d expect, but also a tighter bottom-end response and a more focussed midrange character, for a more American flavour in your riffs. Yes, it Djents if you want.

One for the preamp and one for the power amp. Preamp Focus tightens up the bottom end and boosts somewhat like a TS-type pedal would do. Separately, the Poweramp Bass Focus affects the negative feedback in the power section for looser bass with plenty of resonance; or tighter and more focused.

Gain I/GainII, Clean/Crunch modes, Preamp Focus, Poweramp Focus, Master Volumes, FX Loop… There’s a floorboard included for traditional switching, but production models (pictured is a prototype) will have full MIDI switching compatibility too.

You can configure these to change with the channels (Gain I/Master I and Gain II/Master II) or have them independently footswitchable for two separate master volume levels whenever you want.

Select between 30 watts low power or 100 watts high power. Both are plenty loud, but the feel and dynamics are different.

  • all valve, dual channel guitar head
  • Power Amp Valves: 4 x 6L6
  • 100watts Hi-mode / 30watts Lo-mode
  • High / Low mode
  • Preamp Valves: 4 x 12AX7
  • Clean, Gain1 and Gain2 channels
  • Transformers: Custom wound and designed in-house.All power supply and switching circuitry is PCB mounted. All circuitry directly relating to valves is hand-wired on 3mm turret board or point to point on the valve bases themselves.
  • Hard bypass effect loop
  • Gain I/GainII, Clean/Crunch modes, Preamp Focus, Poweramp Focus, Master Volumes, FX Loop footswitches
  • external bias test points and adjustment
  • incl  2 dual Footswitches & protective gigbag
  • SIZE  (mm): 480(w) x 235(h) x 235(d)