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Victory Amplification is delighted to announce V140 The Super Duchess. A 100-watt all-valve head in 2019, we hear you ask? You bet – with no apologies. More power for even bigger clean tones, with high-headroom dynamics that deliver subtlety and nuance in the way that only a 100-watt amp can. So they added another pair of 6L6 power valves and a bigger transformer to deliver more depth, more clarity and definition. Enter The V140 Super Duchess: 100-watts, single-channel, with valve-driven reverb and tremolo.

First, the V140 has a long-tank, valve-driven spring reverb for huge, smooth and deep ’verb (V40 Deluxe has a short-tank reverb). Second, there’s an additional, newly voiced Mid Kick switch option – now three-position instead of two – to add even more upper midrange focus and cut if you want it. The Super Duchess is finished in cream vinyl to match our V212VCD or V112C cabs: a rig that looks as beautiful as it sounds

  • Single Channel…and yet plenty of scope in drive
  • Bold, high-headroom cleans to touch-responsive classic overdrive
  • Voice I & Voice II – Voice 1 is closer to a mid-’60s-type American EQ response. Voice II is subtly stronger in the mids for more punch and drive. You may prefer either with different guitars.
  • Mid-kick switch – Works with the middle EQ pot for two additional levels of stronger, more focussed upper mids, either clean or driven. 1 is a subtle kick, 2 is more strident and projecting.
  • Valve-driven spring reverb, footswitchable – A long-tank reverb tray offers a huge wash or just a hint. The tone control makes it bright and springy, or warm and dark as you prefer.
  • Valve-driven tremolo and fotswitchable – Perfect for subtle moody ambience or staccato rhythmic phrases. Wonderfully evocative with plenty of ’verb added!
  • High & Low power – 100 watts high / 30 watts low.
  • Hard bypassable series effects loop – Sits between pre and power stages. Completely out of the circuit when bypassed with a rear panel switch.
  • External bias test points & adjustment
  • TRS connection for reverb and tremolo
  • Dual-button switch supplied, or any latching TRS switch / control function will work.