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The Sustainiac Stealth Pro  sustain systems drive the strings of anelectric guitar into sustained “feedback” sustain, untilyou make the note stop by simply hand-muting the string or strings.With this powerful tool, you can enhance solos in a way no other effecteven comes close. Using the sustainer MODE control, you can do thingsthat no other guitar effect can even approach: You can fade the stringvibrations from fundamental vibration mode to a different harmonicvibration mode, and back again during solos. Previously, you could dothis only by getting feedback from your guitar amplifier, but only ifthe acoustic conditions were just right.


ON/OFF: Same as for Stealth. Also automatically selects bridge pickup when sustainer ON.

Harmonic mode/gain control:
You get complete flexibility with one knob: Rotate the knob clockwise for NORMAL mode. The strings vibrate normally at most fret positions. Rotate the knob counter-clockwise for HARMONIC mode. Rotate the knob to mid-position for zero drive/gain. Pull out on the knob, and you go into HARMONIC MIX mode. This mode gives you mostly upper harmonic string vibration on the lower strings, and fundamentals on the upper strings, particularly the higher frets. In MIX mode, the harmonics are less intense and tend to fade in slower than they do in HARMONIC mode. MIX mode is much more like getting feedback from a big, loud amp. (Much more predictable, of course).

Optional toggle switch control:
As with the Stealth, you can substitute toggle switches for the normal push-pull pot/switch controls at no extra cost. With the Stealth PLUS, you lose the GAIN function that you get in the MID position of rotation of the pot.