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The all new V2 Series Route 66 gives the same great tone guitarists have come to love, plus an added noise reduction system that gives you that quiet ride you’ve always wanted.

The Route 66 American Overdrive is sure to become as legendary as its namesake. With classic compression combined with classic overdrive modeled after the sound of the original TS-808 Tubescreamer (JRC4558 chip and all!), the Route 66 pedal gives you two great effects for the price of one. The two effects sound great on their own and can also be combined to compliment one another. In fact, probably the only complaints about the original Tubescreamer was that it did not have much sustain or bottom end. That won’t be a problem with Route 66. Just combine the overdrive side with the compression side to get all the sustain you want. Add the Overdrive Bass Boost and give it that big cabinet sound. If you love the clean sound of your guitar and amp, but just want a clean boost, kick in the compressor with the Gain knob up a bit. A pre-amp stage to the compressor allows for a truckload of gain, with or without overdrive. Using Route 66 American Overdrive with a good tube amp is sure to make it sing! Classic.


* Overdrive and Compression on two separate channels with individual tone controls.
* Overdrive channel sounds like the original TS808 and even uses the JRC4558 op-amp.

* Unique overdrive bass boost switch.

* Compression channel can be set for fully squashed