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You like the great sound of the Route 808,
but you want a more open sounding, amp-like overdrive with less
dominant mid-range? Open Road is the overdrive you’ve been searching
for. Finally, an overdrive pedal that delivers grind and girth. Clear
low end, sparkling highs, and none of the mid-range hump found in most
other dirt boxes. Play a sixstring chord and all the notes ring
through. Play a single note line and it sizzles, punch a power chord
and it grinds.

Open Road features a very interactive tone
circuit, effecting not only high-end roll-off, but gain structure as
well. At any setting, at any volume, Open Road produces organic
amp-like tones that might cause you to leave it on all the time.


* Thick aluminium housing

* Pure Tone buffer circuit

* very interactive tone circuit,
* Uses regulated 9VDC center negative polarity adapters, or 9V alkaline battery.