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Jacques handcraft distortions, and have been doing this very peculiar electronic experimentation since 1973 .When he came to mass production, his idea was to benefit from the comfort of high-tech manufacturing while keeping the handcraft tone. In the case of the Mercer Box 2 , never before has a stompbox benefited from the best of both worlds. Using discrete components for tone and hightech components for non-tone, Jacques merged his best handmade designs into a coherent electronic device. The Mercer Box 2 tone is based on his best handmade Mercer Box which emulates the heavenly union between perfect fuzz pedals and raging plexi 100watters. The resulting complex interaction is now available in a modern compact stompbox . If you think this is exaggerated, you should have seen the look in Steve Morse’s eyes when he played it… and Steve even asked Jacques to autograph the MercerBox2 #1 for him . The Mercer Box 2 is a winner among the Fuzz’s market, period !!


* amazing dynamic range
* pro noise signal ratio

* best signal processing ever

* could stay cleaner than clean or overdrive

* sounds as good as the handmade Mercer box
* die cast custom box

* 3 years warranty