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There’s a lot of so called best multi effect on the market out there, but the ISP Theta PRO DSP is really an amazing piece of gear, designed by professionals for professionals. Forget about iOS apps to control your parameters by wifi or multi colored LED. More than a guitar preamp, effects processor and floor controller, the ISP Technologies Theta Pro DSP pedal is ready to be the heart of your guitar rig. It’s a fully-programmable digital version of ISP’s acclaimed Theta Preamp, and it can serve up ultra-high-gain tone with no aliasing. Create your own custom effects chain, then simultaneously drive your amplifier rig while sending speaker-emulated outputs direct to the PA system. You’ll be impressed with the versatility of the ISP Technologies Theta Pro DSP pedal, and you’ll surely  find it more than capable both on stage and in the studio.

In all, the ISP Technologies Theta Pro DSP pedal can serve several duties in your guitar rig. It’s a tone-packed preamplifier with impressive sonic range – from rich and clean to the highest-gain tone, this preamp has you covered. You get a range of great-sounding effects, with individual control over each from the smart switching layout. Save up to 256 of your custom presets for instant recall. When you’re ready to rock you can plug into your power amplifier, send a speaker emulated output direct to the sound system or recording device, or even both simultaneously.

ISP Technologies calls the Theta Pro DSP’s speaker-emulated technology “True Speaker” convolution, because you have practically as much control over your tone as if you were miking a real guitar amplifier’s speaker. It emulates vintage speaker models with amazing results, and you can alter the sound by repositioning the virtual microphone. Whether you want to record in your studio without a loud speaker cabinet, or want to reduce volume on stage during gigs, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of the Theta Pro DSP preamp pedal.

You won’t struggle with buzz and hum with the Theta Pro DSP in your guitar rig. It has ISP Technologies’ acclaimed Decimator noise reduction technology built right in, and it’s ready to cut out noise without affecting your tone or playing dynamics. Even if your tone relies on ultra-high gain settings, your rig will be whisper quiet when you’re not playing.


* Floor controlled Guitar Processing System with fully programmable THETA preamp and Vintage Preamp.

* 32 bit floating point processing with state of the art A/D and D/A
converters providing 124db dynamic range between input and output and
over 1500db internal dynamic range.

* Proprietary hyper-oversampled distortion algorithm provides higher
gain than any other digital preamp with zero aliasing or digital

* TRUE SPEAKER offers ISP’s convolved Speaker Samples for true “direct to mixer” live or recording realism.

* Patented Digital Decimator® for the absolute best real-time guitar noise reduction.

* Pre-distort and post Distort tone shaping with multiple band full parametric equalization.

* Studio quality effects processing with wha, compressor, multistage
phaser, stereo flanger, four voice chorus, 1300ms delay and studio

* 224 user programmable presets for sound library storage.

* Song mode with 124 user programmable songs with 4 presets per song.

* Inputs for both Volume and Expression pedal

* Dimensions : 10cm / 43cm / 22,8cm

* 3,175 kilos