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Finger Ease lubricant is very popular and allows you to speed up yourfingering while reducing finger soreness. Spray some on a polishing cloth and then drag it on the back and/ortop of your nylon, steel, or gut string guitars. It extends string lifeand eliminates drag from strings.

Finger Ease is a spray lubricant that comes packaged in a 2.5 ounce can under pressure. The product is not greasybut slick feeling , like silicone, almost allowing your fingers to playover top wound strings with no affect to your tone. Sprayed onto thestrings of a guitar or bass, it has the capacity of lubricating yourstrings to the extent that negotiating the fret board becomes a biteasier to move about, especially for solo work. A number of factors caninhibit you the ability to play effortlessly through sweat and clammyhands, dry skin, wounds and injuries and, yes, lack of inspiration.