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The Super Intelligent Footswitch is the perfect match for our recently awarded Microtubes 900 amplifier. it allows to have an easy and straight forward access to the wide tonal options of the amplifier, by also engaging in a smart way the vintage Microtubes / Microtubes B3K overdriven sounds.

But that is not all. this aluminum chassis device will give you the option of muting the amplifier, and go back to the clean channel in a click, exploring all the quality of the signature Darkglass sounds.


* Clean Switch : Crisp, transparent and incredible versatile clean channel with 4 Band EQ.

* VMT Switch : Will bring up the mids for a warmer, more neutral character of our Vintage Microtubes.

* B3K Switch : Will deliver an aggressive, percussive sound of our Microtubes B3k.

* Mute switch : Mutes the amplifier for tuning or other purpose.

* Length: 220 mm 
Depth: 45 mm 
Height with buttons: 48 mm 
Weight: approx. 450gr.