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Diezel Guitar Amplification

Diezel Guitar Amplification

Peter Diezel, playing in one of Munich’s rockbands in the 80s, wasn’t too satisfied with his Marshalls, modded them and after a while more and more players contacted him to get his mods. At that time he was famous for tweaking amps on stage during gigs . . . But the limitations of the “Marshall-platform” were too frustrating not to try a new concept: midi-switchable, four channel amp. Luckily Peter D. met Peter Stapfer, a pro-musician with a strong sales/marketing background, who was ready to build up a company of its own

The company was still located in Munich. Peter D. was manufacturing and Peter S. the head of sales. The first amp, which is still on the market (a bit tweaked over the decade) was launched in 1994 – the milestone VH4. More and more big acts (like Metallica, Guns & Roses) started to record with the VH4 and so the US fell in love with the Diezel trademark sound.

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Here's a very tight rear loaded 2x12, quick and accurate to the very end of it¹s power handling curve. This amazing 2x12 cabinet is loaded with Hempcone speakers, offering more bass and power....
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A new ovedriven dream amp from the amazing Diezel company. This Schmidt, Diezels newest model, is Diezel's answer to the demands of modern bluesy players. With its tube driven reverb Schmidt offers a wide range of sounds for those, who like to add the warmth of a smaller poweramp (Class A) into thei...
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Here we have a second hand Diezel D-Moll in very good condition. This 3 channels amp deliver from pristine clean to huge Metal tones with plenty of overdrive and crunch in between. It does it all, very tight and clean. 3 channels, 100 watts, KT77 power amp tubes, MIDI functions and possibilities.

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