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The V130 Super Countess is the big sibling to the best-selling V30 amp that was designed with none other than Guthrie Govan and gives 100w of power due to its 4x6L6 power tubes that can be switched down to 30w if necessary.

Having this much headroom means it will take pedals really well, but the clean channel also has a crunch toggle that will go from on-the-edge breakup to all out classic rock. And then you have the Overdrive channel on the amp which is designed to go from mild overdrive to high gain distortion.

The Overdrive channel has 2 new voice settings so that you can either get that classic V30 sound on Voice II or use the new Voice I for a tighter bottom-end and slightly less gain.

The high-headroom Clean channel has footswitchable ‘clean’ and ‘crunch’ modes, the latter providing on-the-edge breakup tones to full-on classic rock drive. (V30 The Countess does not have the ‘crunch’ mode.) The Overdrive channel has two voice settings; Voice II is the classic V30 OD sound, while Voice I is new and offers tighter bottom end and slightly lower gain. V130 The Super Countess also has an effects loop. It’s a phenomenally versatile, powerful workhorse that’s
super simple to use: mighty tones for any style. V130 The Super Countess is part of the Victory Heritage Series.


* all valve, dual channel guitar head

* Power Amp Valves: 4 x 6L6

* 100watts Hi-mode / 30watts Lo-mode

* High / Low mode

* Preamp Valves: 4 x 12AX7

* Transformers: Custom wound and designed in-house.

* All power supply and switching circuitry is PCB mounted. All circuitry
directly relating to valves is hand-wired on 3mm turret board or point
to point on the valve bases themselves.

* Hard bypass effect loop

* external bias test points and adjustment

* incl Footswitch & protective gigbag

* SIZE  (mm): 480(w) x 235(h) x 235(d)