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This dual-channel, EL34-powered amp is all about classic British overdrive sounds, housed in a traditional wooden sleeve. Blues-rock players will love the mid-60s-style feel and response of Input/Volume I, with enough gain to sing but also clean up well off the guitar. Input/Volume II takes off into hot-rodded 70s and 80s territory and beyond, retaining that classic British ‘plexi’ sound all the way. With selectable fixed or cathode biasing, The Sheriff 44 is for rock players who want the ultimate ‘plexi’ and beyond!

A hard-bypassable series effects loop is available for effects fans. It’s completely out of the circuit when switched off

Inputs/Volumes I & II are separate channels that are also footswitchable with a custom Victory switch. You also get high- and low-power output modes.You can run the power section in either fixed- or cathode-biased modes. The former offers maximum headroom and clarity; the latter more compression and sag at higher volumes


* all valve, dual channel guitar head

* Power Amp Valves: 2 x EL34

* High / Low mode

* selectable Fixed / Cathod bias for 45watts, 30watts or 6watts

* Preamp Valves: 4 x 12AX7

* Transformers: Custom wound and designed in-house.

* All power supply and switching circuitry is PCB mounted. All circuitry
directly relating to valves is hand-wired on 3mm turret board or point
to point on the valve bases themselves.

* Hard bypass effect loop
* Master volume placed right after the effect loop return, before the
phase splitter, bringing more MIX or effect wet from your effects

* external bias test points and adjustment

* incl Footswitch & protective gigbag

* SIZE  (mm): 480(w) x 235(h) x 235(d)