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Here’s a used 2015 SR4005E-SOL in a close to new condition, flawless. Ibanez offers you high-quality materials and a professionally built instrument with state-of-the-art hardware and electronics. The SR4005E-SOL has a stained, oiled body and a fretboard made of wenge with oval, pearloid inlays as position markers.

The SR4005E is fitted with the Power Curve III equalizer, allowing you to boost or cut the mid, bass and high frequencies separately. You also have a balance control at your disposal as well as a bypass so that you can also enjoy the tone colour without the equalizer. The Custom Bartolini pickups have been made specifically for the Ibanez SR and provide you with the best clarity at the bridge and the most impressive, deep-sounding lows at the neck pickup.

Original hardcase incl.

  • wood type body: mahogany
  • fretboard: wenge
  • position markers: pearloid, oval inlays
  • colour: stained, oiled wood
  • neck: Atlas-5 HP 5-part wenge and bubinga neck with two KTS Titanium reinforcement rods
  • neck construction: bolt-on
  • frets: 24 medium, filed Prestige frets
  • scale length: 34 inches (864 mm)
  • radius: 12 inches (305 mm)
  • bridge: Mono-Rail IV
  • hardware colour: black
  • neck pickup: Bartolini Custom
  • bridge pickup: Bartolini Custom
  • electronics: 1x volume, 1x balancer, 1x EQ on/off, Power Curve III 3-band equalizer with bypass
  • bridge saddles: Black Tusq XL
  • hardcase incl.