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Here the latest model from Elmwood amplification, the Stinger, is a 30 watt cathode biased EL84 equipped amplifier with separate Gain and Volume for the 2 channels.Among many smart features the power amp can be switched between Modern style and Vintage style and the FX loop can be altered as a solo booster. The traditional EQ puts you right in control. Equipped also with a three position bright switch and a Hi cut knob.The Stinger is capable of producing everything from big warm clean sounds and funky clean rhythm to raw crunch and singing lead tones with its own touch, and is a really worthy member of the highly appreciated Elmwood amp family.


* Amplifier: 30 watt pure tube amp, fan cooled.

* Channel 1: Gain, Volume

* Channel 2: Gain, Volume

* EQ: Treble, Middle, Bass, Hi cut, Bright switch

* Power modes: Modern – Vintage

* FX Loop : Serial FX loop with adjustable send level.

Can serve as a solo boost.

* Footswitch: Channel – FX loop / Solo boost

* Back panel : FX loop send and return jackets, FX send level knob, 5 speaker output jack sockets

* (4-16 ohm), Foot switch stereo jack socket, Mains inlet.

* Amplifier:2 unit, rack mountable.

* Preamp: 3 pcs ECC83

* Poweramp: 4 pcs EL84 running in a cathode biased


* Speaker output 4-16 ohm

* Combo speaker: 12″ Jensen Neodynium

* Weight Combo: 17 kg

* Size Combo: 480 x 460 x 275 mm