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The single pedal Son of Hyde from Visual Sound is the exact same distortion channel found in the highly acclaimed Jekyll & Hyde pedal. With a wide range of sounds that can be discovered by using the Mid knob to adjust the midrange, a Bright switch to go from a more compressed distortion to very bright, along with Drive, Treble, and Volume knobs to set the overall style of sound, the new Son of Hyde is the perfect compliment to any pedalboard. The added noise reduction circuit in Son of Hyde eliminates white-noise when you stop playing… although you might not want to stop! With the all new housing design and user-friendly controls, the sonic possibilities of the new V2 Series Son of Hyde are… endless.


* Thick aluminium housing

* Pure Tone buffer circuit

* Noise reduction circuit

* Bright switch

* EQ knob on Hyde changes from a flat EQ to a wild scooped-mid sound, while the Bright switch allows you to get a very bright sound

* Uses regulated 9VDC center negative polarity adapters, or 9V alkaline battery.