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The ModTone Power Plant is professional quality power supply for the discriminating player. The ModTone Power Plant features a toroidal transformer with eight isolated outputs. Five outputs are switch able from 9vdc to 12vdc, two feature SAG controls to go from 4v-9vdc, and the last is a 9vAC output. The Power Plant is designed to be used in conjunction with almost any pedal you can put on your pedal-board. Each output is isolated and designed to operate without adding any noise to your signal path.


* 5 outputs, switchable from 9 to 12 volts, each 150 mA

* 2 9VDC outputs with SAG control, each of 1A capacity

* toroidal transformer

* isolated single 9 VDC outputs

* 9VAC output with 1000 mA capacity

* steel chassis

* external AC outlet
* detachable cord for powering the Power Plant

* include powercables