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Small, light and ultra-quiet, the Mission 529 is the worlds first USB isolated power converter for small pedalboards Four isolated 150mA outputs for standard pedals, plus one 500mA output for high power devices. Link two 529 devices together to power up to ten effects pedals. If you have AC wall power available, just connect the 529 to the AC adapter with a USB cable. You can also use most standard USB wall power supplies such as one the one from your smartphone or tablet.

Power your pedals from a portable USB battery pack, laptop, or other USB port. At just over 4″ long and less than 1/4lb, the 529 easily fits under the smallest of pedalboards, such as the Pedaltrain Nano. Standard version includes USB wall power supply.

  • USB power converter for up to 5 effects pedals
  • Powers up to 4 standard and 1 high-powered pedal via USB
  • Run your pedals from a portable battery pack, phone charger, or computer
  • Included cables: 1 x 10’ USB cable, 1 x 3’ USB cable, and 5 x 2’ 2.1mm power cables
  • Also includes a 5v 12w USB dual wall power supply
  • Input 5V USB 2.0 Type B
  • Outputs4 x 9V 150mA 1 x 9V 500mA 1 x 5V USB Type A
  • Power Min: 160mA Max: 2100mA
  • Dimensions 4.5″ x 1.75″ x 1″  0.25lbs