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The Mercury Box is the new overdrive/distortion stomp box designed to replicate the channel 2 characteristics of the legendary Brunetti Customwork Mercury head unit. It is equipped with “FET” technology to faithfully reproduce tube characteristics and dynamics as accurately as possible.

The perfect choice when you need a range of driven tones from mellow crunch to hard rock ‘liquid’ distortion, whilst maintaining clarity and definition. The controls are effective yet sensitive, enabling the user to mould the timbre according to playing style and the type of instrument played.

It’s just like having another tube amp at your feet!

  • Controls: Volume, Bass, Edge, Gain
  • True Bypass

  • Input Impedance: 500kΩ
  • Output Impedance: up to 50kΩ
  • Max Output Level: 600mV
  • Weight 0.2kg
  • Dimensions: L 110mm, W 100mm , H 55mm
  • Current Draw: 14mA
  • Capacitors: WIMA, made in Germany
  • Resistors: metal film/carbon film (depending on function)
  • Potentiometers: SH multi-wiper, aluminium wiper
  • Power Input Socket: 9Vdc
  • Finish: Black powder coated steel, off-white detail
  • Packaged Contents: owner’s manual, protective cloth cover