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TheGigRig Loopy 2 is perfect for your small pedal board when you still need to ensure the purity of signal, but at the same time keep things nice and simple. Don’t be fooled by its small size. We use grade A quality gold contact relays and employ all of our switching expertise and experience to give you this ultra quiet, compact, totally professional double true bypass looper.

Inside the Loopy-2 you’ll find 2 small DIP switches. With the DIP switches OFF the LOOPY-2 will function as a normal dual Looper. Each relay is under the control of its footswitch with simple on/off operation.

Turn the DIP switches ON and you are now in ‘flip-flop’ mode. Turn on Loop1 and Loop1 turns on, but turn on Loop2 and Loop1 turns off. Go back to Loop1 and Loop2 turns off. You can now toggle easily between the loops.


* Electronicaly controled silent TRUE BYPASS switching

* Extension cable to expend up to 2 Loopy 2

* 9VDC