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The Fryette SIG:X amplifier ushers in an exciting generation of tubeamplifier design, offering effortless and intuitive control overdifferent types of amp behavior and a wide range of highly refinedtonal qualities previously unavailable from a single tube amp head.Feature packed, yet simple and intuitive to operate, the SIG:X amp headproduces an astonishing array of sounds and textures never beforeattainable from any single amplifier.

As with all Fryetteamplifiers, the SIG:X beautifully accentuates the inherent qualities ofany instrument. It breathes and dynamically responds to your playingtechnique exactly the way a great tube-driven guitar amp should. Manyplayers will sacrifice flexibility and modern conveniences for greattone and feel. The Fryette SIG:X was designed to give you both and ittruly delivers.

* Three Channels
* Switchable Voicing
* Dual Gain Controls
* Footswitchable Boost
* Gain Stacking
* Power Shift
* Series/Parallel Variable Footswitchable Effects Loop
* Tube/SS rectification
* Line Out
* Presence
* Depth
* Includes Footswitch


* exclusive Fryette GAIN I et GAIN II Voicing and Overdrive configuration with Channel Assignable, Footswitchable Gain Boost.

* MORE/LESS MODE for each High-Gain channel to select 3 or 4 Tube Gain stages.

* New POWER SHIFT® feature takes Fryette’s exclusive Enhance Mode
Technology to a new level of flexibility, allowing channel assignable
Tube/SS Rectifier and 100W/60W output power selection with a
deceptively simple, channel assignable user interface.

* New SIDEBAND® MODE gives you the choice of fast, focused power amp
response or increased power supply lag and “Ghost Note” harmonics for
rich, expressive power amp response at any playing volume.

* Two dedicated sets of Fryette exclusive Depth and Presence controls, one
set for the Clean channels and one set for the high gain channels.

* Footswitchable True-Bypass, Series/Parallel Effects Loop with level controls.

* True 100 Watt RMS Output power from a pair of Premium Matched KT88 Power Tubes.