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An amplifier a little bit weak? A sounding overdrive you want to push? A good mean to go out from the mix while doing an amazing solo? Line losses? The Freq Up will do it, in front of your pedalboard or of your amplifier! This is a boost where we find at the same time a transparant and clean boost and a really typed and settable crunch.

In addition to that you have possibility to stay in the middle mode or to select the frequencies you want to add, so bass or trebles.

An internal setting allows to set the nature of the overdrive while at the same time, this is matching the whole chain between guitar and amplifier.

  • Conception

This is a clean boost circuit in parallel of the 2nd clipping setting of the Cerberus followed by an other stage of amplification (to be powerful and to define more tone). At the end, we putted an active tonality circuitry that allows to boost, treeble, mediums ou basses!

  • External settings

– Out, output level, up to +24dB.

– Gain, active only in overdrive mode.

– Tone, a switch to change tone.

  • Internal settings

– Roll-Off, saturation
frequency of the overdrive. Less we have, more the sound is clean,
creamy, particularely in bass frequencies. And, more we have roll-off,
more we have saturation and harmonics!

– Clipping, This is a diode circuitry wich is
responsible of the compression of the overdrive. It is active by
default, but configurable to have compression or high peak signals.

– Clean/Fat, 3 mini switchs  to pass through clean boost  to overdrive or inversely.

– Light, règle l’intensité d’éclairage des LEDs.