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The Pedal Palette is the first fully analog loop bypass switcher, router, and mixer to provide guitar players with the ability to instantly swap pedal effects order at any time. Features include four pedal effects loops with true relay bypass, ability to swap pedal order instantly and assign any effects loop to parallel mix bus. Also includes optional Class A discrete input buffer, ability to store and recall up to 128 preset configurations and sync multiple Pedal Palettes with MIDI.
“We developed the Pedal Palette to allow guitar players to create inspirational new sounds from their existing pedals,” states Chris Hern, Decibel Eleven vice president of product development. “The routing and order of the effects is highly flexible and programmable offering unlimited options.”
The Decibel Eleven team has over 30 years of electronics design and manufacturing experience including developing products for Alesis, Voodoo Lab, Gibson Audio Labs, Event Electronics, Line 6, and American DJ


* 4 Pedal Effects Loops – True Relay Bypass

* Swap Pedal Order Instantly

* Assign Any Effect Loop to Parallel Mix Bus

* Tails Control – Delay and Reverb Tails Continue When Switched OFF

* Fully Analog Signal Path with Optional Class A Discrete Input Buffer

* Store & Recall Up To 128 Pre-Set Configurations

* Recall Stored Presets and Sync Multiple Pedal Palettes with MIDI

* Dimensions 33cm X 12.7cm X 4cm

* Weight: 1.3 kilos