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Here’s a fantastic sounding and versatile fuzz pedal that will blow away your audience and your drummer… Nice !!! It suits bass players and guitar players as well. The Duality Fuzz is a combination of two totally independent fuzz circuits! Our signature Duality knob allows selecting and blending between a classic sounding, saw-tooth shape shifting circuit and a high gain, thick and brutal one. You can use them individually or blend them for a wide selection of crazy and wild textures and voicings. And as if that wasn’t enough, use the Blend knob to add in some clean signal for 3 layers of fat, thick madness.


* Boutique Dual fuzz

* Level: Sets the output volume of the affected signal.

* Blend:
Mixes the clean with the fuzz signal. The clean signal remains at unity
gain while the volume of the processed one is set by the Level knob,
allowingfor fine control of the blend ratio.

* Filter: Use this
variable LPF (low pass filter) to cut or bring up the high harmonic
content. Great for fine tuning the perfect amount of presence and edge.

* Duality:
Selects and mixes the fuzz circuits. Set it counter clock wise for the
old school saw-tooth shaping circuit, turn it fully clock wise for the
modern, high gain one.

* True bypass relay

* power by 9VDC-12 VDC center negative power supply (no battery snaps)

* handmade in the USA