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The Batt Fuzz is stuffed with every tone you can expect to become a metal star . This little freak gives you 2 separate distortion circuit.-First circuit is modelled on classic ’70s metal distortion modded Marshall amps type. This circuit is only adjustable with the LEVEL and FUZZ knobs.-Second circuit is an extended ultra high-gain modern distortion, with adjustable low end — WINGS –, mid boost — FANGS– and treble bite — RADAR. This dangerous circuit shares with the ’70s the LEVEL and FUZZ knobs.-An unique MIX knob let you MIX & MORPH the 2 circuits for an incredible array of tones from past to future metal.Get out of your cave and grab one, you’ll sound heavier !!


Each BLOW mode is a Batt Fuzz voiced differently:
WINGS is voiced for low end ,
FANGS for mid-boost and
RADAR for treble bite.
This 3 different distortions can be set independently one from each other, thus allowing any tailored combination.

* excellent dynamique
* best signal processing everl
* very wide sound range
* all analog circuitry
* pro noise signal ratio
* metal box
* 3 years warranty