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TC Electronic has a legendary reputation when it comes to delay and this legend only continued when we partnered with ProGuitarShop to create the Alter Ego Delay pedal. It became an instant classic so fast it made our heads spin. Maybe it was the wide range of classic delay sounds, maybe it was the instant access to spot-on tributes to the legendary delay units of yesteryear. We’re not sure – and we’re not sure it matters. What does matter is this: guitarists everywhere loved the original Alter Ego Delay with an unparalleled passion.  Feedback from the guitar community was clear – for the love of all that rocks, DO MORE.  So we decided to up the ante.

Turns out that our pure love for sound and obsessive-compulsive guitar nerdery is shared around the globe. We are totally stoked to repeat the wizardry and conjure up some delay tones that are truly magical. This resulted in no less than twelve exclusive hand-selected sounds, lovingly crafted for Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo. From a tribute to the classic Binson Echorec* to a salute to the sweet Roland Space Echo*, an amazing Echoplex* sound and of course a custom version of TC Electronic’s own 2290, Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo takes you on a trip through the sweetest delay sounds ever. Lo-fi, Hi-fi, Tape, Analog and pristine digital delays – it’s all here in spades.

* Twelve exclusive Delay sounds, expertly crafted by TC Electronic and ProGuitarShop
* Spot-on tributes of time-honored classic delay units
* A true celebration of the best of the best in tape, analog and digital delays
* TonePrint Enabled – for a world of signature effects


* Twelve exclusive gorgeous delay sounds, lovingly crafted by TC Electronic and ProGuitarShop

* TonePrint® enabled

* Beam enabled

* Pedal simple – don’t read, rock!

* Three Presets

* Tap Tempo

* 16 Delay Types

* 40 second looper with undo function

* Independent loop and delay engines

* True Bypass (optional buffered)

* Analog-Dry-Through

* Expression pedal input

* Stereo in- and output

* MIDI enabled

* Subdivision selector including dual delay

* 9 Volt DC power supply included

* Humongous headroom