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The Microtubes 500 is a 500W amplifier equipped with an all analog solid state preamplifier and a Class D Power Module.

On the top row, you will find the clean section which is the foundation of your tone. It features a Gain control and an active 4 band EQ: along with Low and Treble controls, you will find Low Mids and Hi Mids controls, each knob with their own 2-way frequency switch.

On the bottom row, you will find the Microtubes Engine®, an extra channel that will bring your clean tone to the next level by helping you cut through the mix while adding anything from subtle, tube-like, harmonics and natural compression to obliterating distortion.

  • Class D
  • 500 watts
  • 2 channels, Microtubes Vintage & B3K
  • Switchable channels
  • Activ & Passiv switch
  • 2 gain stages : Microtubes Vintage et B3K
  • EQ 4 band activ
  • 4 different lo Mid and hi Mid frequencies
  • Master Volume
  • Fonction Mute
  • Ground lift
  • 1 Speakon combo jack output
  • min 4 Ohms
  • optional Intelligent Footswitch