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Diese ganz neue GigRig G2 kann bis zu zehn True Bypass Loops schalten, in die man Bodeneffekte einschleifen kann. Ist ein Loop aus, geht das Signal nicht mehr durch das Pedal (v.a. bei nicht TB-Pedalen oder älteren Geräten wichtig, die u.U. rauschen), sondern wird per Relayschaltung direkt weitergegeben. Kombinationen der Loops können als Presets gespeichert werden. Das Gerät hat 120 Presets (mehr als genug). Aber es kann noch mehr.


* 10 Passive True Bypass Matrix effects loops including 2 stereo effects
loops means you’ll hear your effects like you’ve never heard them

* 120 Pre-sets (8 banks of 15) which can each be configured for Pre-set or Stomp Box mode gives you
unparalleled flexibility and control

* Delay spillover between presets, even with your old analog delays

* A movable insert to connect your amps‘ FX loop, Volume Pedal, anything
you like, and then place it anywhere in your signal path

* Programmable Pre Gain on every pre-set which can buffer, attenuate or boost the input to your effects

* Programmable Post Gain giving complete control over the master volume of each pre-set

* 4 Remote Switches via 2 TRS connections means you can control the switching functions of your amp

* 2 switchable outputs including an isolated phase reversible OUT2 so you’ll have no earth hum or phase issues between your amps

* Full MIDI in & out so G2 can control or be controlled by external MIDI devices

* Used with the G2 Expansion Kit, (optional) your effects can be
off stage or in a rack, with everything controlled by G2 at your feet

* Includes The GigRig Generator Power Supply