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Der DB-11 Split Personality ist einen kompakt ABY und Amp-Switcher für zwei Amps mit MIDI optzionen, Ground Lift, Phase inverter und eine Mute Funktion. Dank diese ABY Split Personality können Sie zwischen zwei angeschlossenen Verstärkern ohne brumm umschalten.


•    Classic AB/Y format with additional mute option

    •    Class-A, all discrete, high impedance buffer – eliminates
losses due to splitting and allows driving long cable runs without high
frequency loss.

    •    Second output is transformer isolated and includes a ground
lift switch to eliminate the noise and hum from ground loops

    •    High quality transformer – provides extremely flat frequency response even when driving lower impedance line inputs

    •    Second output includes a phase reversal switch – corrects any polarity mismatch between two amplifiers

    •    Increased headroom – allows for hot signals without clipping

    •    Optional mute function – for muting both outputs

    •    MIDI Control – allows remote access to 128 custom presets using
MIDI program changes and/or direct switch control using MIDI continuous
controller messages

    •    Power Requirement: 9V – 12VDC input (optional power supply)

    •    Dimensions:  (W x D x H) 12cm, 7,6cm, 4cm

    •    Weight: 0.9kg